Plastic Free Bangalore


23rd December 2018







Attendees :

Rtr. Priyanka Rtr. Puneeth, Rtr. Soumya, Rtr. Asha Rtr. Monisha Rtr. Srinidhi Rtr. Arun Rtr. Arunima

Flow of Activities

~ It was a hands on initiative where the reality we are in was staring at our faces. It was seeing reality and actually seeing action for a global problem.

Work done:

1. At 7am we started collecting plastic that was spread out in the area.

2. We created an awareness for the locality on No Plastic

3. With the efforts of the bbmp a black spot( a waste dump) was cleared and beautified.

4. Painting of wall and cleaning of foot path.

5. Awareness on how to live plastic free

6. Lunch


1. Plastic is not biodegradable and very difficult to recycle.

2. We need to start living plastic free

3. It is possible to live plastic free and in a more naturalistic way.

4. Our own city needs a lot of cleaning done and awareness on this aspect.

5. We have to solve this problem Now , each of us have a responsibility for the sustainability of our planet.

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