Club Chapter Day Celebration 2018


25th November 2018




Eat Street, Koramangala



Attendees :

1. Rtr. Bharath 2. Rtr. Sunil 3. Rtr. Ravi, 4 Rtr. Shubham 5. Rtr. Sanjay 6. Rtr. Vasuki 7. Rtr. Arun 8. Rtr. Navya 9. Rtr. Santosh 10. Rtr. Shylaja

Flow of Activities

~ We are glad to be part of Rotary Movement and are fortunate of doing our bit for the betterment of society. It wouldn't have been possible without Support and Collaboration from All.

~ Marking this occasion memorable we had charter day celebration, members shared one of their Rotaract KoramangalaKonnection moment and their personal Journey in the club. we had also discussed about the future club activities !! Followed by team Dinner.

~ Overall it was a good day !!

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