Being Santa 2.0


25th December 2018




GFCT Sarjapur



Attendees :

1. Rtr.Bharath 2. Rtr.Sunil 3. Rtr.Sanjay 4. Rtr.Arun 5. Rtr.Anjum 6. Rtr.Navya 7. Rtr.Vasuki 8. Rtr.Arunima 9. Rtr.Charan 10. Rtr.Sowmya 11. Rtr.Mayank 12. Rtr.Monisha 13. Rtr.Samyukta 14. Rtr.Kailash 15. Rtr.Vidya (JNC)16. Rtr.Kamna

(JNC)Prospective members

1. Priyanka 2. Kirandeep 3. Navjeet 4. Chinmayee & Rtr. Rajesh from RaC Coimbatore.

Flow of Activities

~ It was a fun filled day at the orphanage with the children on Tuesday. All the members interacted with the kids and played games with them. It was one unforgettable day

The following proceedings were carried out

~ 1. Donations :

✓We gave many board games♟ ( chess, ludo, business etc;) ✓ Outdoor games🏏⚽ ( football, volleyball, cricket bats and balls)✓ Priyanka also donated stationary items🖍📝🎁 (crayons, colour pencils, geometry box)for the kids.

~ 2. Fun activities

The Rotaractors and the children were divided into 4 teams. They had to play within their teammates.✓Passing the parcel- children's who were out were asked to do a small funny task.💃🏻✓ Balloon bursting- 🎈 each team were given a particular coloured balloon. They had to protect their balloon and also try to burst other teammates balloons.✓ Kailash was our Santa Claus🎅 kids enjoyed playing with the santa the chocolates distributed.

~ 3. Lasting memories

Rotaractors distributed chocolates 🍫and gifts🎁 to the kids, took pictures and interacted with the4. Secret santa

Other Events