Food Distribution to Patients


22nd October 2018




Victoria Hospital



Attendees :

Rtr. Bharat, Rtr. Shubham, Rtr. Sanjay, Rtr. Navya and Prospective members Jyothi and Sowmya.

Other Attendees : 10+ members from Kind Heart NGO

Flow of Activities

~ Sponsored by “Kind Heart NGO”- we were involved in the food distributing service activity at Victoria Hospital.

~ We were involved in the food packaging and food distributing activities.

~ A food box contain full of Pallava rice + half boiled egg + small packet of Rayta (Made up of Curd and mixed vegetables)

~ We have distributed healthy food to more than 500 needy patients and their dependents at the hospital.

~ Good interaction with Kind heart NGO members and through service food we felt very happy..!!

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