Reminiscence v1.6


17th February 2019




Koramangala Club



Attendees :

Rtr. Bharath, Rtr. Sunil, Rtr. Shubham, Rtr. Sanjay, Rtr. Navya, Rtr. Arunima, Rtr. Syed, Rtr. Trisha, Rtr. Harish, Rtr. Vasuki, Rtr. Kailash, Rtr. Monisha, Rtr. Shylaja.

Flow of Activities

~ Every year we conduct Valentine's Day event for our Parent Rotary. This was be the six edition of the event and we are happy that event helped us in having better bonds with our Parent Rotary.

~ We organized 3 couple games for the Rotarians over the period of an hour followed by song from Rtr. Arunima. Rotarians very well appreciated us and were happy that we are continuing the initiative year after year.

~ To conclude we gave every couple a cup as a token of love..!!

Other Events