World Suicide Prevention Day


10th Sepetember 2018







Attendees :

Rtr. Bharat, Rtr. Sunil, Rtr. Rachel, Rtr. Ravi, Rtr. Shubham, Rtr. Sanjay, Rtr. Anurag, Rtr. Arun, Rtr. Tejas, Rtr. Krithika, Rtr. Vasuki, Rtr. Syed, Rtr. Ganesh, Rtr. Anjum, Rtr. Ganeswar , Rtr. Santosh, Rtr. Trisha, Rtr. Lavina, Rtr. Nithin, Rtr. Ajay, Rtr. Monisha, Rtr. Samyukta, Rtr. Srinidhi, Rtr. Shruthi & Rtr. Navya

Flow of Activities

~ Non RaCK Rotaractors – We were later joined by RaC Aurangabad Airport RID 3132 & many Rotaractors from RID 3190 including IPDRR Naveen Senna, Rtr. Sandhya Harisht (RaC Bangalore BIT), Rtr. Shanshak Sharma (IPP RaC Presidency College), Rtr. Srinidhi (RaC AIMIT) and many others.

~ World Suicide Prevention day (WSPD) is an awareness day observed on 10 September every year, in order to provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides - since 2003.

~ We had Digital Campaign to create awareness for suicide. The major cause of suicide is depression.

~ Rtr. Syed had taken initiative and prepared a set of images with quote for all the members with customized details. -

~ “ My Door is always open, any of you who needs to chat are always welcome. Its no good to suffer in silence. Give me a call, come to my house, talk to me. We can go have dinner & Most importantly , I have time and I will always lend a hand for support and be all ears to your problems. Depression is no myth, it is naturals and normal … Lets speak, lets fight suicide !! Live and let live!!"

~ The members posted awareness massage in all the social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat etc.

~ Overall we our team had received very good response and feedback given from lot of peoples – saving a life is one of the biggest milestone for us.

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