RaCK’s Installation 2018


05th August 2018




Mitra Jyothi, HSR



Club Attendees:

1. Bharath, 2. Sunil, 3. Rachel, 4. Ravi, 5. Shubham, 6. Sanjay, 7. Anurag, 8. Arun, 9. Trisha, 10. Santosh, 11. Syed, 12. Ganesh, 13. Kritika, 14. Vasuki, 15. Navya, 16. Shruti, 17. Anjum, 18. Ganeshwar, 19. Arunima, 20. Nithin, 21. Ajay, 22. Ashwini, 23. Johnson, 24. Suhas, 25. Samyukta, 26. Monisha, 27. Priyanka, 28. Srinidhi, 29. Bala, 30. Dhruva, 31. Vinay, 32. Rekha Hegde, 33. Akshay, 34. Nikhita, 35. Pallav

Flow of Activities

~ The installation ceremony started with fellowship and a wonderful Invocation by Rtr. Syed. Event. The Lamp was Lit by all the Dignitaries & our Chief Guest, owner of Mitra Jyoti Foundation Mrs. Madhu Singhal.

~ Rtr. Ravi gave the welcome address followed by Secretary’s Report by Rtr. Shubham. Club Awards were given to the following Rotaractors by the Dignitaries – Rtr. Sanjay, Rtr. Arun, Rtr. Anurag, Rtr. Krithika, Rtr. Anjum, Rtr. Syed & Rtr. Rachel.

~ Upcoming President got installed by Rtn. KCN Reddy (President RC Koramangala) followed by pinning of Core Committee, BODs & Members. Rtr. Shubham gave acceptance speech followed by Release of Club’s logo & Standee.

~ A Token of Thanks were given to pillars of our Club Rtr. Bharath, Rtr. Sunil, Rtr. Rachel & Rtr. Ravi for all their contributions towards the club. Event concluded with a token of Thanks given to all the Rotarians present & “Gesture of Friendship” letter with Club logo badge given to all the Rotaract Clubs present.

~ A memorable day come to an end with an exciting young & new team in place for RaC Koramangala

Other Events