07th October 2018




Baddy Zone, Panathur



Attendees :

Rtr. Bharath, Rtr. Sunil, Rtr. Ravi, Rtr. Shubham, Rtr. Sanjay, Rtr. Anurag, Rtr. Arun, Rtr. Gopal, Rtr. Santosh, Rtr. Khailash, Rtr. Vasuki, Rtr. Syed, Rtr. Anjum, Rtr. Navya, Rtr. Johnson, Rtr. Monisha, Rtr. Samyukta, Rtr. Dhruva, Rtr. Shylaja and Prospective members Nikita

Rtn. KCN Reddy sir, Rtr. Vidya, Rtr. Anuja, Rtr. Mayank & Rtr. Francis

Flow of Activities

~ GamePoint v3.0 - is a fund raising flagship Club Service event of RaC Koramangala.

~ With 200+ participants and support of 20+ volunteers, we were able to complete the event successfully.

~ The spirit of the game was clearly seen on the participants face and everyone certainly has a great time playing Badminton for a cause.

~ The funds raised will be used for improving sanitary standards in under privileged schools.

~ We want to heartily thank Rtn. KCN Reddy Sir (President Rotary Koramangala) who took time out from their busy schedule and contributed to our success. He also gave away winner prizes and shared vote of thanks to participants & volunteers.

~ Additionally Special recognition awards were given to Rtr. Sunil and Rtr. Anurag for their valuable contribution in all the Game Point versions.

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