Drop Off - for Kerala & Kodagu


15th July 2018




APS College of Engg.



Club Attendees:

Members - Rtr. Ravi Kumar, Rtr. Ganesh G (Taresh), Nikitha, Vignesh, All RaCK Club Members, Aps college students and Faculty members.

Flow of Activities

~ We are delighted with the donations received from the college and Villagers nearby to the college.

🔹 There was a total of INR Rs. 14300 cash.

🔹 5 box full of good condition clothes. (60 pair of Women’s and 40 pair of Men’s clothes)

🔹 2 box of Food items. (Include Biscuits, Breads, Maggie & Rusk)

🔹 1 box of basic Medicine.

🔹 1 box of other sanitary items. (Candles, soaps, Diapers)

~ The donation camp was set out on August 20 to 21st- where we received mainly food items & medicines on the first day followed by cash & clothes on the second day.

~ We would like to thank students of APS College of Engineering who made the poster go viral up to Kanakapura and we made a huge donations for the two days. We have also documented all the items collected by us piece by piece.

~ Special thanks to Pros. Member Nikitha for maintaining the accounts of all cash collection.

~ Pros. Member Vignesh played a major role in arranging logistics along with Pradeep Reddy and he stayed along to help us organize all the items received.

~ Lastly, we would like to thank IPP Rtr. Ravi Kumar who arranged permission from college Principal and helped in every possible way to let us make this Donation Drive successful from scratch till completion. We pray god to save and relief for Coorg and Kerala.

~ We are very thankful to all the joining hands in this emergency situation.

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