Singing Bird Fest


22nd December 2019


10:30 AM


Rudraksha Farm, Kanakpura Rd.



Flow of Activities

πŸ”Ή Previous Being Santa projects pictures (2017 and 2018) were displayed .πŸ“·

πŸ”Ή We interacted with the cute children and gave them and opportunity to write Christmas Greeting Cards for the orphan kids .

🎴🎴 The money raised from these Cards will be used to get goodies for the children. 🍑🍬🍫

πŸ”Ή We Showed them the list of requirements provided to us by the orphanage and Requested them to "Be a Santa for these children. 🎁🎁

πŸ”Ή We are glad to have received an overwhelming response 😍😍

πŸ”Ή A band agreed to play on Christmas Day Celebration to entertain the children ☺🎀🎸

πŸ”Ή Most of all we enjoyed the music and had a great time.

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