Orientation Programme


10th May 2020


05:00 PM to 07:00 PM


Zoom Video Call



Flow of Activities

✍🏻 The programme started with a round of introductions from both members and prospective members.

✍🏻 The Orientation consisted of following topics :🙂

1. What is Rotary?

2. What is Rotaract?

3. History & Stats

4. Rotary - Rotaract Org structure

5. RaCK Present Club structure

6. Sample Roles (Just two - President & Club Council Member)

7. Brief on 4 Avenues with example projects

8. What's the Role of Rotaract Member.

9. Club Events (like Installation, Meetings, Charter Day, DOV etc. )

10. What is Rotaract District and District events

11. What is MDIO and its Events.

12. Brief about RI Committee for Rotaract and its events.

✍🏻 The speaker made sure that the session was interactive and informative by posing surprise questions to the audience!

✍🏻 The audience did provide positive feedback at the end of the programme and thus, making it a success!😊

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