Sunday Funday


8th November 2020


11 AM to 6:30 PM


Elita Promenade



Volunteering Hours


Flow of Activities

πŸ’΅ Total Expenses - Rs 4900

πŸ“œ Event flow

πŸ’  The event began with a game of basketball.

πŸ’  Few neighborhood kids joined the game and members took turns to play.

πŸ’  The game ended with a round of "Poison" with basketball.

πŸ’  Lunch was hosted at Rtr Anurag's residence.

πŸ’  Members took turns to share introductions about each other and add on points about themselves that others may not know/missed.

πŸ’  Overall the event gave everyone a chance to bond and learn more about the club members.

πŸ’  NOTE- All social gathering safety protocols for COVID-19 were adhered to.

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