No Shave November


13th November - 13th December 2020







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Flow of Activities

💸 Total Cash Contribution - Rs. 14000/-

🚪 Event Details

▪️ Members began promoting donation link and posters on WhatsApp status and groups from 13th November; the powerful messaging & informative facts in the posters helped propel the campaign's success.

▪️ A cancer awareness session was conducted on 6th December with Dr. (Prof) Manjunath Sastry (DNB, FAM, Surgical Oncologist) from Sri Shankara Cancer Foundation.

Click here for the recording of the session ⬇

▪️ The session had 35+ people in attendance including members of Sophia Interact Club, Rotaract Club of Centennial United and Rotaract Club of RIMS.

▪️ The donation period was extended by a week post the session. Thank you certificates were sent to those who donated.

▪️ Finally, the funds raised (INR 14,000/-) was received in person by Dr Seema on 26th December at Sri Shankara Cancer Foundation.

▪️ This was first donation to Sri Shankara Cancer Foundation by us & they're more than happy to work with us again in future.

We'd like to thank all those who contributed to this project towards cancer treatment for the needy. 🤗

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