Be The Game


2nd May 2021


7.30 to 8.30


Google Meet



Volunteering Hours


Flow of Activities

🏦 Total contribution in cash & kind - NIL

Participating Club - RaC BNMIMS

πŸ“œ Event flow -

🎎 The session began with a round of introduction of all members.

🎎 There were two activities planned for the evening, The QuizMo and Gibberish Gamble.

🎎 For QuizMo, the participants had to guess the names of the movie /series with the help of dialogues displayed on the screen within 20 seconds. The ones with the highest scores at the end emerged as Winners.

🎎 Gibberish Gamble was the surprise activity for the evening, the participants had to guess the name of movies/ phrases that were jumbled up in gibberish form within the stipulated time.

🎎 After a fun session, the event concluded with a vote of thanks.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for their active participation and support.

Happy Rotaraction! πŸ˜‡

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