Being Santa-3.0


27th December 2020


10.30 a.m till 3 p.m.


Vidhyaranya trust



Volunteering Hours


Flow of Activities

💸 Total Contribution- Rs.5490

Event Details - 📜

🎄All the members and volunteers were introduced to the kids.🤝

🎄Ice breaking session ( used the name of fruits in accordance with direction ) similar to Simon says

🎄Craft session ( Venkatesh instructed the kids on how to make paper peacock, bouquet, aeroplane and other such amazing crafts )

🎄The kids divided into 4 groups for the game- Stack Attack (Stacking of cups in a pyramid and back). 🥤🥤

🎄Balloon Bursting game ( divided the kids into groups, made them blow the balloon and burst it by sitting on it )

🎄 One of the member was Santa Claus🎅then came to shower each kid with gifts.

🎄Santa Claus 🎅cut cake🍰 along with a few kids. The kids had to show their talent and then collect their gift (Stationary kits)

🎄All the kids were treated to Chocolate cake and Chocolates along with their lunch.

Overall, the kids as well as the attendees had an eventful and memorable day celebrating the true spirit of Christmas.☃

❄We would like to thank Vidhyaranya Trust for collaborating with us for the event as well as all the attendees for making this event a huge success. 😊

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