Green Clean Eco Drive


9th September 2017




Sri Janardhana Higher Primary Govt School



Club Attendees:

Rtr. Anurag, Rtr. Sanjay, Rtr. Krithika, Rtr. Anina, Rtr. Divya and Rtr. Nishantha

Flow of Activities

~ An Eco Bag drive was conducted as a pre-event for “Go Green Challenge” Project. We reused the old newspapers and demonstrated paper bag making to the school kids. It was quite an interacting session and fun for Rotaractors. Being surrounded by kids, answering there silly questions etc. brings child out of oneself.

~ Along with this, we took session on importance of paper, harms of using plastic and working towards saving the environment. The children were very excited throughout the activity. They promised us to make use and advocate eco friendly bags.

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