Rest In Peace


February Month




Throughout Bengaluru



Club Attendees:

Rtr. Bharath, Rtr. Sunil, Rtr. Ravi, Rtr. Sunil & Rtr. Nithin

Flow of Activities

~ Daily hundreds of Stray dogs/animals die on highways due to our highspeed cars. Not many take the responsibility of the dead because it is not human. We took the initiative to spread awareness about the value of life and give them respect all living being deserve.

~ We went on to the highways and looked around for any dead dog/animal who had met with an accident. On the first day (i.e., 4th Feb) of our initiative we buried two dead cats who met with road accidents. It was totally a difference experience for us and we decided to extend the initiative for the entire month. We spread awareness about the initiative across our District 3190.

~ We then started receiving multiple calls from various places in Bengaluru. Few were from Hennur, Kalyan Nagar, BTM etc. In rotation and based on the availability, Rotaractors were going to the spot for proper burial to the dogs/animals.

~ We also rescued few dogs during the course of our initiative and send them to the Dog shelter homes with proper arrangements made for them.

~ Every time ensured that we are carrying Shovels, gloves, masks and all the required items are prescribed to us by Veterinary Doctor. Together it was a unique learning experience for all involved which made us realize the value of life..!!

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