Bengaluru Maker Faire


17 & 18 November 2017




Bangalore Palace Grounds



Club Attendees:

Rtr. Ravi, Rtr. Sunil, Rtr. Shubham & Rtr. Hemadri

Flow of Activities

~ As outreach partners of the event we nominated 22 projects for this Mega Event, out of which 6 were able to make it to the TOP 100 –

1. Coir Fibre Reinforcement

2. Inferno - Ultra Energy Efficient Vehicle

3. Avishkar - Automation Advancements in Teaching

4. Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

5. Racing Go-Kart Vehicle

6. Electric Bike

~ 2 projects have been approached for sponsorship worth INR 25 lakhs. Intel Accelerators, Mumbai were very excited after seeing the projects and have recently confirmed that they will be investing the amount for development of these two projects.

~ Initiative was supported by - 1. Govt of INDIA - NITI AYOG 2. Department of Science & Technology (GOI) 3. Govt. of Karnataka IT&BT 4. European Business Companies

~ Our Club took a team of 150+ engineering students to the event. It was a great learning opportunity for the students to know about future technologies and witness projects across multiple domains by different college students and start-ups.

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