10th October 2014







Project Chair :

Rtr. Rachel

Flow of Activities

~ On the 10th of October, our professional service workshop TRANSFORM was conducted at Surana College, as we joined hands with them to organize Two levels of training back to back on the same day. Being a joint venture, the excitement was high as we awaited the arrival of the participants. Level- 1- workshop on communication skills and language of emotions- NLP based was conducted in the morning by Rtr. Rachel which was followed by a fellowship with our participants over lunch. The participants then returned for our Level-2 workshop, taken by Rtr. Sunil -a certified handwriting analyst. The two sessions were jam packed with enthusiasts who had either attended our previous workshops or brought by friends who had attended. Both trainers kept the sessions alive and interesting as more than 80 individuals proudly took home a certificate saying that they have been TRANSFORMED!!! Massive support by Rotaract Club of Surana and Mr. Sandeepani, the staff co-ordinator as the team lead by Rtr. Gulam assisted us through all our requirements. It was one of our biggest successes as we pulled off two workshops in a day leading us closer to our dream of offering life skills at extremely affordable costs.

Other Events