Traffic Safety-Save Fuel-Anti Spitting Awareness 1.0


06th August 2016




Sony World Junction, Koramangala



Project Chair:

Rtr. Sriram & Rtr. Kaleem.

Flow of Activities

~ Rtr Sriam and Rtr Kaleem had organized an awareness rally on Saturday evening near Sony World Junction, Koramangala.

~ The purpose of this awareness rally was multipurpose. Firstly to promote knowledge of traffic rules and regulations. Secondly to make citizens aware of their civic duty to cease spitting on the roads, and lastly to promote the activity of saving fuel. The automobile owners stopped and agreed to turn off their cars when requested to do so by the club members. The Rally could over all be said to be a success and hopefully a positive impact was made on the minds of those present, both the participants as well as the bystanders. The rally was for a duration of 3-4 hours and the members retired exhausted but with the glow of a job well done.

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