16th October 2016




Bangalore Institute of Technology



Project Chair:

Rtr. Rachel, Rtr. Sunil, Rtr. Tejas

Flow of Activities

~ Rotaract Club of Koramangala, were back with the first Open Transform for this Rotaract year on 16th October @ Bangalore Institute of Technology!!!What did the workshop have this time around? We all communicate, it's a need.

~ But do we get the desired results? Do the relationships we have in our daily life with work, friends, family, etc.. in the society flourishing??Did you know that your handwriting can say a lot more about you and help you become even more a better person? All these questions and more were answered in this Jam-Packed Fun session filled with activities.

~ We had over 60 participants in the workshop trained by Rtr. Rachel for Effective communication and Interpersonal Relationships, and Rtr. Tejas G Kapse & Rtr. Sunil Kumar S for Handwriting Analysis. We, at RCK, are grateful to RCBIT for being a great Venue Partner and hosting us

Other Events