Samarthana Trust Visit


2nd March 2014




Samarthana Trust, HSR Layout



Project Chair :

Shreya Das

Flow of Activities

~ Project Co-Chair - Abhijeet

~ On the 2nd of March, 2014, our club organized a community service project at Samarthana Trust, a school for orphans, physically and visually disabled children, age group between 6 to 12, situated at HSR layout. This project was the result of our first visit to Samarthana by our members who decided to initiate a clothes and stationery drive that ran a good length of two weeks. On the special day, we were joined by a troupe of 7 student clowns who put up an excellent show for the kids. Together we sang, danced with them, laughed at the mischievous tricks of theirs and awed at the balloon crafts they did. The show ran for around 2 hours much to the glee of the children who participated wholeheartedly. Following this, we conducted a drawing competition, where the most amazing experience was when we observed our members who were a little conserved, as they assisted a few children, held their hands, coloured for them and became heroes for a few kids in no time. It tugged at the heart to see the children draw motivational figures like Subash Chandra Bose and a few even idols of Gods and run to the members for acknowledgement. A few members even submitted their own drawings which truth be told was no match for the talent of some children. At the end of the evening with the children, we handed over a number of items to the management.

~ The items were mostly collected from smaller drives initiated by our members at their respective work and study places. There was also a healthy contribution from the friends and families of our members. Some of these included notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers, scales, colour pencils, crayons and paints. Art and craft material was also provided. We also handed over new inner garments for all the children at the trust. Puzzles and toys were also given by our members in addition to food items such as health drinks, pickle, chocolates, cookies and biscuits. A first aid kit was also put together jointly by our members who contributed individually for the same. We all sat together in reflection following the event to share with one another what we had gained how we felt participating together to bring joy to the lives of these children. It was very insightful and we departed stronger at heart, feeling grateful for our bountiful life and for having the opportunity given by Rotaract to serve beyond self.

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