Bon Appetit


1st December 2013




Jyothi Nivas College



Project Chair :


Flow of Activities

~ Co-Chair - Rachel

~ On the 1 st of December, 2013, our club organized a project called 'Bon Appetit'. It began with an introduction to rotaract by our president and secretary using a presentation. Since we had a number of prospective members that day, the purpose of the session was to motivate their participation and join the movement actively. Following the membership drive we had a communications and team building workshop by one of our own Rotaractor (NLP Coach) Rachel, who through activities analyzed the communication and team work patterns of each member present. This productive session ended with a potluck lunch where each member had either cooked a dish or bought something delicious to eat. It was truly a fun fellowship time with one another and a challenge to the taste buds as we gobbled dishes right from pulao to cupcakes and home-made salad. This was a project that proved to us that Rotaract can be both work and fun.

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