Kannada Learning Program 6.0


1st - 26th November 2023


7:30 PM


Google Meet



Volunteering Hours


Flow of Activities

1.On the auspicious occasion of Karnataka Rajyotsava, the Kannada Learning Program is held every year from 1st November till end of the month in order to teach the non-native speakers the Kannada language. 2.In order to keep the participants engaged in the WhatsApp group. Posters were sent spontaneously along with the audio recordings for 13 days. 3.The live session was held every Sunday-8pm where we invited different speakers who are fluent in kannada to teach as well as help the participants revise the content sent in the WhatsApp group. After revision, a google form quiz was sent during the live session to help participants practice the language as well as receive corrections from the speakers.

Other Events