Being Santa v7.0


31st December 2023


10:00 AM


Auxilium Navajeevana Home



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We visited Auxilium Navajeevana Organization on 31st of December 2023 inorder to celebrate Christmas and New Year with the children there. Navajeevana means new life. Auxilium Navajeevana a non-governmental, non – profitable voluntary Organization was established in the year 1995, for children in need of care and protection. We had few engaging games, songs and dance with the children. One of our member dressed up like Santa Claus and surprised the children and danced with them. With the funds collected we donated few of the basic groceries like oil, sugar, tea powder, soaps, detergents and many more. Gifted them chocolates, pens, earings and scrunchie. Those children had a great time with our members. We wished them a happy new year and thanked the care takers.

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